ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 1: “TV’s” 

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Georgia, Kit, Rosie, and Jack spend their 1st day on the job at Attaway General.
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When four very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients. With breakout performances from Dixie D'Amelio, Madi Monroe and more, Attaway General is a medical procedural with humor, excitement, and high stakes.
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ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 1 | Ep. 1: “TV’s”


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20 mai 2020






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Brat TV
Brat TV Pirms 7 dienām
what did you think of the 1st episode??
h i p e o p l e
h i p e o p l e Pirms 7 dienām
loved it
Isabella Pirms 7 dienām
Jamarkus Union
Jamarkus Union Pirms 7 dienām
Jessica Connors
Jessica Connors Pirms 7 dienām
Loved it
Hannah Marney
Hannah Marney Pirms 7 dienām
Love it!! ❤️
Kenika B
Kenika B Pirms 29 sekundes
That background music is a vibe tho
Sofia Vazquez
Sofia Vazquez Pirms minūtes
I love Dixie
ally Pirms 2 Minūtes
I got so much secondhand embarrassment from this 💀💀
LLHeda Pirms 3 Minūtes
At least look like you want to be there on the show especially since it’s your first time. Diego doesn’t even try to put emotion in anything 😂
reinbow Pirms 7 Minūtes
HAHAHA THE ACTING IS SO AWKWARD and also jack is such a mood
Sofia Pereira Pizzini
Sofia Pereira Pizzini Pirms 10 Minūtes
It really borders me that they are all in normal clothes instead scrubs but I like it
No longer posting
No longer posting Pirms 12 Minūtes
When the kids are better actors then the cast
Ericka G
Ericka G Pirms 14 Minūtes
I know that their acting isn't the best but can you do better no so quit hating and give them a chance they will get better in the next few episodes it just takes time and for their first episode it was great.
Maddie Kubincanek
Maddie Kubincanek Pirms 14 Minūtes
im only watching this for dixie and griffen and it was pretty good
Olivia Barone
Olivia Barone Pirms 15 Minūtes
Ummm ☠️☠️
Colleen Rose
Colleen Rose Pirms 15 Minūtes
haha wtf did I just watch
Oriana O'hare
Oriana O'hare Pirms 18 Minūtes
I meannnnn griffin is like the only one that didn’t do the worst.
Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega Pirms 19 Minūtes
Looks like a show that was made 8 years ago🥱
Oriana O'hare
Oriana O'hare Pirms 21 minūtes
Pfft knock off greys anatomy
Ariana Gonzalez
Ariana Gonzalez Pirms 21 minūtes
this is how much times dixie rolled her eyes:
Sophie Adelle
Sophie Adelle Pirms 22 Minūtes
xXxLizzyPlayzxXx Pirms 24 Minūtes
Who came here because of Dixie?
SnipEZ Spark
SnipEZ Spark Pirms 25 Minūtes
This is like tiktokers in greys anatomy😂
tatanaba1 Pirms 26 Minūtes
ou sont les francais !!!!!!!
Kayla Louisvillle
Kayla Louisvillle Pirms 27 Minūtes
they are just saying the lines. they aren’t feeling real emotion which is hard for the viewers to have a good connection with the characters
kaylee madison
kaylee madison Pirms 27 Minūtes
ight ima go watch greys anatomy now
Lost gravity
Lost gravity Pirms 29 Minūtes
Grade 6 acting class be like
Anabel Soria
Anabel Soria Pirms 30 Minūtes
That is Dixie omg I am such a big fan of her on tik tok
GamingwithMarie Pirms 36 Minūtes
dixies eye rolls had me ROLLING 😂😂😂
Amber Lee
Amber Lee Pirms 38 Minūtes
What is this I- This is gonna be my guilty pleasure...
SuperPlushVids Pirms 45 Minūtes
I like georgias character.
Akilah Geerman
Akilah Geerman Pirms 46 Minūtes
am i the only person that realize diego martir is playing in these episodes??
savannah porter
savannah porter Pirms 48 Minūtes
just because they’re famous on tiktok doesn’t mean they can act💀
Shamarie Rules
Shamarie Rules Pirms 50 Minūtes
There’s a difference between tiktokers and actors 🤦🏽‍♀️
Daniel Schmidt_Vlogs
Daniel Schmidt_Vlogs Pirms Stundas
Fake greys anatomys
summer marie .
summer marie . Pirms Stundas
oh cheese
Millie Gibson
Millie Gibson Pirms Stundas
Omg the bit when Dixie stood up and went don’t move don’t come any closer 😂😂😂🤣
Kaila Skye
Kaila Skye Pirms Stundas
Madi and Gabby are the only ones who can actually act
How perfect Are we??
How perfect Are we?? Pirms Stundas
Nobody: “Six year old female” * pulls in a girl around 14 *
Alexa Girón
Alexa Girón Pirms Stundas
Tf with the reaction of Dixie when Griffin got in😂
Brazen Torpedo
Brazen Torpedo Pirms Stundas
Why there is not the subtitles in French?🇫🇷🇫🇷
Brazen Torpedo
Brazen Torpedo Pirms Stundas
Why there is not the subtitles in French?🇫🇷🇫🇷
Brazen Torpedo
Brazen Torpedo Pirms Stundas
Why there is not the subtitles in French?🇫🇷🇫🇷
Brazen Torpedo
Brazen Torpedo Pirms Stundas
Why there is not the subtitles in French?🇫🇷🇫🇷
spillthebeans Pirms Stundas
hahah this is rlly unrealistic ngl
Axola's channel
Axola's channel Pirms Stundas
The only reason they cast famous tiktokers is for viewers but there are great talented people out there that would love the opportunity like me, but anyway this is not about me 😂😔
Tazim I
Tazim I Pirms Stundas
I’m sorry but this is horrendous. The acting... the storyline 😩like if you’re gonna make a show at least put people who can act or are aspiring actors. These are tik tokers. And I’m not saying I could do any better it’s the fact that you put actors that can’t even act. That could get better but I dunno
peachytown edits
peachytown edits Pirms Stundas
madi the only one who wasnt terrible
Raven Amarante
Raven Amarante Pirms Stundas
i love this, grey's anatomy- oop
Madeleine Kneer
Madeleine Kneer Pirms Stundas
whos here for dixie and griffin?
Mora Pereira Duarte
Mora Pereira Duarte Pirms Stundas
Soy el comentario en español q tanto buscabas :)
Hs Sh
Hs Sh Pirms Stundas
The boy with curly hair is a horrible actor I think his name was jack or something
monica Pirms Stundas
ok. Pirms Stundas
Everyone makes out its SOOOO bad but Honestly cant wait for epi3 this Is actually entertaining like a real show🔥🔥💕💕
G G Pirms Stundas
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> What are they saving their hair from
Daisy Cruz
Daisy Cruz Pirms Stundas
This is so bad
arinnlol Pirms Stundas
Ааа мне нужен переводчик
Breakable !
Breakable ! Pirms Stundas
I cringed so hard
Wendy Berrocal
Wendy Berrocal Pirms Stundas
Tik tokers cant be actors im sry but especially these people im only watching this for entertainment but it's terrible im sry😭😂
Fenan Boru
Fenan Boru Pirms Stundas
no one talking bout the fact that dixie dmelio here
Haylen Tevis
Haylen Tevis Pirms Stundas
I love it
Robloxian_ Niyah
Robloxian_ Niyah Pirms Stundas
Nobody: Not even a soul: Tiktok girls: *OmL iTs DiXiE ChArLi SiStER*
cam wizda
cam wizda Pirms Stundas
why’d they let diego in this-
Emmy and cookie !
Emmy and cookie ! Pirms Stundas
Cause they can
Isabella Meza
Isabella Meza Pirms Stundas
Yup it is I think OmG yess😃😆👍🏽😆😆😆😆😆
Isabella Meza
Isabella Meza Pirms Stundas
Is the Charli D’Amelio sister
Emmy and cookie !
Emmy and cookie ! Pirms Stundas
Why does griffin look so young?!!?!!!!!!!
suz :p
suz :p Pirms Stundas
what in greys anatomy
Mariam tha sis
Mariam tha sis Pirms 2 Stundām
no way I am taking this seriuosly if my fav tiktokers are in here.
Alec E
Alec E Pirms 2 Stundām
Alec E
Alec E Pirms 2 Stundām
I mean this was good but it was cringe at the same time.
Hayden & Foxy
Hayden & Foxy Pirms 2 Stundām
The “ Oh JeEz🤭” had me dead
I’m sorry but Gabbie is the only one here that can act bro💀💀💀
Sammy Do
Sammy Do Pirms 2 Stundām
woah merdith grey looks different here
Nana yaa Gyamfi
Nana yaa Gyamfi Pirms 2 Stundām
Wasn’t that the Camilo sister?
Tiago Santana
Tiago Santana Pirms 2 Stundām
Rikhia Moore
Rikhia Moore Pirms 2 Stundām
Ok i Iove all if them but... not every tiktoker or influencer should do acting cause this... just omg.
kstafford81 Pirms 2 Stundām
hahah a coffee cup name is franklen i think i spelt that wrong oh who cares
Julie Elkind
Julie Elkind Pirms 2 Stundām
Dixie can’t act 😳
Morgan Tayyy
Morgan Tayyy Pirms 2 Stundām
I'm curious why so many TikTokers are in this
William Sebastian
William Sebastian Pirms 2 Stundām
So bad actors
Cheerleading 2
Cheerleading 2 Pirms 2 Stundām
Omg I can’t believe Dixie is in this
Thais Arias
Thais Arias Pirms 2 Stundām
Boot leg version of greys anatomy
Emerentia May
Emerentia May Pirms 2 Stundām
Who else is vibing bcz dixie is on brat TV?
harley sage
harley sage Pirms 2 Stundām
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